SprintPro Fitness is Personal Training Gym and Fitness Center that offers Spinning (indoor cycling) and circuit training  workouts. Our gym is not open for individual workouts but offers 100% orientation and personal training sessions that will guide you through a safe and efficient workout experience. With us, you will have a Personal Trainer or Spinning Instructor by your side at all times making sure proper form and routines are followed.

Our flat rates are much lower than those offered by other gyms. In Calhoun you can expect to pay anywhere from $25 to $45 per hour; that is $300 to $540 per month if you used a personal trainer for three hours a week. Our fees are at least 75% lower and even better for 5-days per week programs. Look at our fee’s page for more details.

We offer Spinning and CrossTraining Sessions. The Spin Class is a fast-paced cycling sessions designed to burn fat, improve overall strength and cardio. CrossTraining is a combination of weights, circuit training and some SAFE crossfit techniques.

We also offer meal plan suggestions and even cooked meals by our partner Chef!


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